Success Center Onboarding App design challenge

How to create a customer-facing app designed to streamline the setup process for Salesforce products. This involves curating content journeys tailored to different levels of a customer’s experience, ensuring a user-friendly and guided onboarding process.

Led the design of a self-service portal designed to guide customers on their Salesforce onboarding journey using curated hand-picked content and use cases tailored to expedite their progress toward achieving business goals, including the following features:

  1. A use-case based approach to onboarding using a select number of resources across Salesforce properties.
  2. Global Navigation Integration to align with Salesforce brand standards.
  3. A personalized experience for customers logged on providing feedback on content in progress and recommendations on additional learning opportunities.
  4. Collaborated with the Coveo team to provide design solutions for a new expanded, filtered search feature that delivered learning content across Salesforce properties.
  5. Design iterations on integration of contextually relevant content from emails and events using micro front ends (MFEs), working with multiple development and engineering teams.
  6. Template-based designs to help scale the solution to multiple products.
Salesforce Success Center home page screens

Project impact and outcomes

  • Boosted self-help success by 20% and halved 
page load times and case submissions through the redesign of the Success Center app for desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Designed a scalable, template-driven solution providing curated setup and adoption resources for over 20 Salesforce products.
  • Fully integrated search with personalized results from across Salesforce. Subsequently implemented into the Help Center.
  • Personalized content delivery including recommendations on related content and next steps for continued learning, achieved by implementing Trailblazer ID authentication (TBID).
  • Continued expansion of related content through integration of contextually relevant content from emails and events using micro front ends (MFEs).
Salesforce Success Center product page and use case page with MFE screenshots

Product screens

Adopted a card-based approach to address specific use cases for each product, systematically organized into various phases through a tabbed secondary navigation. Introduced a tertiary card design to display additional related products below.

Use case screens

Every use case screen features a set of interconnected resources spanning across different Salesforce properties. Specific design treatments were created for related events, and seamlessly integrated into screens using micro front ends (MFEs) sourced from the events calendar and Success Insider email journeys.

Accessibility and functional specs

Delivered screens and showcased functionality to the project team, including developers and engineers. Collaborated closely with accessibility teams to ensure compliance with accessibility standards and actively participated in hand-off sessions for the build and testing phases. This comprehensive approach ensures a smooth transition from design to implementation while prioritizing accessibility and functionality.

My role, approach and methodology

Championed cross-functional collaboration to craft the user experience and define the vision for the application, as follows:

  • Met with stakeholders and subject matter experts to understand requirements and define the problem at hand.
  • Systematically organized the collected information, establishing a hierarchy of features/functions prioritized from most to least important.
  • Conducted thorough research on potential solutions, including a review of competitor sites to identify best practices in onboarding solutions.
  • Participated in brainstorming sessions and rapidly sketched potential solutions on paper, exploring how functionality, user experience, and interface could be intuitively integrated into an existing application.
  • Collaborated closely with content strategy, copy, development, and technology teams to introduce new features and templates, particularly for unique use cases such as Industries products and Customer Success Plans.
  • Progressed the project by expanding its scope and functionality, incorporating elements like personalization, search, micro front ends, and the interaction-based Sprig survey integration.
Salesforce Success Center showing micro front ends and industry sub verticals template

Customer Problem

“How can I efficiently access the resources tailored to my specific business use case?”

Business Problem

The success of Salesforce customers is contingent on their ability to swiftly overcome challenges and achieve their goals. How can we expedite the provision of support to administrators, ensuring a quick onboarding process for everyone in their company?


EVP, VPs, Product Managers, Directors, C-Suite level Executives, Success Managers, Product Subject Matter Experts, Data team, Development team, 
and Business Technology.

Salesforce Success Center search dropdown on default home screen and personalized search results screen