Jarvis AI-powered Slack app challenge

Update the user experience by incorporating additional features and implementing new search capabilities to improve functionality. The goal was to expedite the delivery of actionable insights on customer adoption, engagement, and renewals, catering to any customer-facing role within the Customer Success team.

I collaborated with internal stakeholders, product managers, and engineers, to review requirements and engage in collaborative problem-solving. Our objective was to enhance the existing user experience by leveraging the Slack design system guidelines.

The app allows you to:

  1. Answer your common account data questions.
  2. Get insights on customer adoption of products.
  3. Subscribe to key accounts and get notifications to stay updated on progress.
  4. Generate a customer facing deck with personalized account insights.
  5. Subscribe to get insights notifications on key customer accounts.
  6. Cater to your data needs - start with /menu or chat with Jarvis in natural language.
Salesforce Jarvis AI-powered Slack app screen on laptop

My role, approach and methodology

I led the user experience design initiative to improve the application’s functionality through the following steps:

  1. Conducted meetings with stakeholders to understand the problems.
  2. Tested the existing solution, and identifying an excess of unrelated features and menus.
  3. Uncovered gaps in the user experience, addressing issues related to unclear instructions and button placements.

Reviewed existing experience and determined approach:

  1. Streamlined features and organized tasks into logical categories.
  2. Reviewed Slack app design guidelines, ensuring alignment on key screens.
  3. Engaged in brainstorming sessions, sketching, and ideation on paper to explore changes and incorporate new functionality.
  4. Crafted a new user experience and presented it to key stakeholders, facilitating discussions on feedback and iteratively refining designs as necessary.
Jarvis AI-powered Slack app search functionality popup screens

Customer problem

“Provide a solution that empowers me to enhance collaboration with my customers directly through Slack. This entails the capability to generate quarterly business review decks, presenting their insights and performance data. This will assist my customers in making well-informed decisions on strategies to improve their metrics.”

Business problem

Add new search functionality and refine existing user experience to improve interface and usability.


Product Owners, Customer Data Intelligence team, VP, Team Leads, and Engineers

Initial sketches and brainstorming

Jarvis AI-powered Slack app home screen sketches and problem-solving notes